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The European Union has initiated an EU Investment Mapping in Mozambique. This same exercise has also been successfully undertaken in other countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Angola, Cabo Verde, and Namibia, yielding valuable insights.

The primary aim of this mapping is to identify the presence of EU firms within Mozambique and analyse their impact- for advocacy purposes; as well as to identify their challenges - for support purposes. This mapping exercise serves as a data collection, strategically positioned to stimulate discussions leading up to the forthcoming Mozambique-EU Investment Forum in November.

The insights derived from this mapping effort will significantly contribute to foster a better business climate in Mozambique and to attract more investment.

For this, we kindly invite European companies active in Mozambique to take five minutes to fill out the below survey. 

The more replies the EU receives, the more relevant the mapping becomes!  

Kindly note that your responses are treated with confidentiality in accordance with EU data protection regulations.

Once the survey closes, the Investment Mapping itself will become available under this link for consultation.

For this, we kindly invite European companies active in Mozambique to take five minutes to fill out the below survey:


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